My name is Gift Thompson and I am from Malawi. I'm a second year student studying Public Sociology, a programme in which Queen Margaret University was ranked best in Scotland and 14th in the UK, making it an ideal place to study Sociology.

I am so thankful for the University experience I have had at Queen Margaret University, despite the current pandemic affecting the way university operates. Despite COVID-19, I have been able to complete my second year through online lectures, and have been getting online support via one-to-one meetings with my lecturers when I have need extra support. The most important part has been getting valuable and reliable information via emails and on the university’s website in relation to COVID-19 and how to stay safe. I have also been able to get a good reference to help me a get a paid internship working as a youth, heritage and culture intern with the Scotland Malawi Partnership.

For me, the highlight of a being a student a Queen Margaret University is that it’s a small university which makes it easy to find my way to useful places around the such as the library and café. Not only that, but because it's a small a university, I am always able to get help and support from the staff, who are really committed to helping students, without having to wait a long time to get hold of them.

I also love studying at Queen Margaret University as it is easy to meet and make friends, both with the staff and students. One major thing not to miss about studying at Queen Margaret University is its location - it's located in a quiet place, but isn't far from the historic city of Edinburgh. The train station is close to campus and it only takes seven minutes to get into town by train.

Gift Thompson

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