Cosima Liedlbauer, 23, from Düsseldorf in Germany, is currently studying MSc International Management and Leadership full-time at QMU.

Before starting her postgraduate studies, Cosima had already completed a BA (Hons) Events Management at QMU.

It was during her undergraduate studies at QMU that Cosima heard about the MSc International Management and Leadership and how it is recognised worldwide. Cosima decided to move from the third year of her undergraduate degree programme straight into the MSc without completing the honours year.

Why did you decide to study MSc International Management and Leadership at QMU?

“For me, doing a postgraduate course was another opportunity to gain an advantage over other future graduate job applicants, but also to enhance my skill set in a more practical way.

“Since the MSc International Management and Leadership course focuses on a practical project instead of theoretical work, it seemed like more of a challenge to me and one which I was happy to face.

“I liked the idea of staying at QMU after my undergraduate studies because I like the smaller classes and the ability to build up relationships with each lecturer. Ever since I started studying at QMU, I fell in love with Edinburgh and the people living here.”

How do you find the workload?

“Going from undergraduate to postgraduate, there is a marked difference in the amount of work you have to do for classes and assignments. The lecturers make it clear from the beginning that they expect you to focus and put effort into your classes and your work, but when you work hard it always pays off.

“This course makes sure that every module interlinks with each other which leads to interesting discussions in every class.”

Do you feel supported at QMU?

“It’s expected that you work a lot outside of the classes and that you are constantly reading academic articles, as well as the news. The classes are always interesting because of the passion shown by the lecturers.

“Lecturers are always happy to help or will guide you to support available on campus, such as the Effective Learning Service. One thing that I love about QMU is that it makes sure that everyone gets the help they need.”

What is your top tip for future students?

“If there is something that I’d like people to know about this course, it’s that the people you meet are amazing. They are from all over the world and they have interesting opinions and stories, which you learn from in your classes.

“In my opinion, the MSc International Management and Leadership is all about the attitude towards work. If you’re a driven person, you’ll do well!”

What are your plans after graduating from QMU?

“After finishing this course, I’d like to work in PR and Marketing in the beverage industry. In a dream scenario, I’d work for Heineken or Diageo.”


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Published 2017 - 2018


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