Kimberly Getz, 32, from Canada, is studying MA Arts, Festival and Cultural Management full-time at QMU.

Kimberly was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, which is known for its large river valley (biggest green space in North America), huge festival scene (it was the first place to have a fringe festival outside of Edinburgh), and a thriving music and art scene. She also lived in Calgary, Alberta for nine years while completing her BA (Hons) English with a minor in Film Studies at Mount Royal University.

After working for the Alberta Government for three years, Kimberly decided to go on educational leave to study Arts and Cultural Management at an undergraduate level. During this time, she worked for New Music Edmonton as an Outreach Coordinator and at the Edmonton Short Film Festival as a Marketing and Production Assistant.

Why did you choose to study in Edinburgh/Scotland?

“Edinburgh seemed like the ideal place to study festival and cultural management, and the programme offered a level of depth and theoretical knowledge that felt more suited to my academic and career goals.

“It all seemed perfect. I’ve always wanted to come to Scotland because of my ancestry and the cultural similarities between Canada and Scotland.”

Why did you choose to study MA Arts, Festival and Cultural Management at QMU?

“Whilst completing my certificate in Arts and Cultural Management at MacEwan University, I was made aware of the MA Arts, Festival and Cultural Management programme at QMU and encouraged to apply. I was put in contact with key members of QMU’s academic and international staff and felt very encouraged by my discussions with them.

“The majority of my professional career has been spent working in libraries, archives or as a research assistant, but I spent most of my free time volunteering with large festivals and with non-profit organisations. I also regularly hosted my own events including concerts and film series.

“After taking an education leave from work, I discovered that I enjoyed the arts sector and wanted to pursue it professionally, but I was not feeling challenged by the programme at MacEwan University in Canada. For that reason, I wanted to attend QMU. I felt this programme would allow me to get an international perspective on the international arts and culture community and ground myself in theoretical knowledge.” 
What has been the highlight of your time at QMU so far?

“As part of the Arts, Festival and Cultural Management programme, we get to visit many different arts organizations and learn from people working within the industry. There’s also plenty of opportunities to travel, partake in world-class festivals, and visit galleries and museums all around the EU. 
“This semester I will start a short internship where I will do marketing and social media for Puppet Animation’s Manipulate festival at the Traverse Theatre. I also work part-time as a Student Ambassador at QMU and will be attending several music industry conferences hosted throughout the United Kingdom.”

Did you receive any funding to help support you on the course?

“I was awarded with a Saltire Scholarship and an tuition fee reduction as part of an articulation agreement that QMU has with MacEwan University in Canada.

"I’m also a QMU Student Development Award winner.  The funding award is allowing me to travel to London in 2018 to attend the Americana Music Association-UK Conference, which will help aid my studies at QMU. 

"This conference will enhance the formal education I'm receiving on the programme and will allow me to gain practical experience and valuable insight into the relationships between the UK and North American music industry. This will be utilised not just in the writing of my business plan, but also in my future career." 

All MacEwan University students who enroll on the MA Arts, Festival and Cultural Management programme as part of the partnership agreement are eligible for a fee reduction and are exempt from certain modules.

What is your top tip for future students?

“My top-tip for students is to take the leap! Even though studying at a postgraduate level can be challenging, it’s extremely rewarding and you will have plenty of support from the faculty and staff at QMU. The opportunities you will have are worth it!”

What are your plans after graduating from QMU?

“Part of the reason I came to QMU was for the option to write a business plan in place of a traditional master's dissertation.

“My business plan will focus primarily on grant writing for artists, bands, arts organisations and non-profit organisations. I would help clients find relevant funds, write and design the grant applications, and where necessary submit them. I can also help them prepare other documents such as biographies and project summaries that they will regularly need for grant applications, touring, and promotions.

“This will initially start as a part-time project but my long-term plan will look at expanding my services to include helping with promotions and touring logistics, including acquiring the necessary visas, finding overseas drivers, merchandise sellers, booking agents, and other touring necessities.

“I will also continue to volunteer at a variety of festivals and hope to work part-time within the sector upon my return to Canada.”

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